Voltage Reductions

Voltage Reductions, Brownouts, and Rolling Blackouts

pow-lines.jpgConnecticut may be facing serious electrical power shortages again this summer. Power companies are searching for other sources of power and working to minimize customer demand during the peak periods; but their ability to meet consumer demand for power is still very uncertain. We can expect voltage reductions, brownouts, and worse. If another major generating station goes down, or if a tie line bringing in imported power is interrupted during a peak period, we can expect rolling blackouts. To prepare for the possibility of brownouts and rotating blackouts, consider some actions you can take.

  • Add Phase Voltage Monitors to your equipment now, at a relatively low cost, to prevent motor burnouts and expensive equipment failures.
  • Back up computer files frequently.
  • Prepare employees for specific actions to take during rotating blackout periods.
  • Establish elevator evacuation plans.
  • Check battery backup systems for security, phone, and computer equipment.
  • Make sure standby generators are fully operational and well maintained.
  • If blackouts occur, turn off all high-electrical-load equipment, such as air conditioning systems. When power is restored, progressively turn all equipment back on, rather than all at once.

If New England is hit with summertime power emergencies, we at New England Mechanical Services Inc. stand ready to help you protect your air conditioning equipment and keep it well maintained.